Newsletter 9

We are still helping workers with account suspensions. If you believe your account was suspended in error, you may submit your request here for us to follow up with Amazon. We’re also talking with requesters about improving conditions, and passing suggestions from Turkers and requesters on to Amazon, in an effort to actually make our Turk work […]

Newsletter 8

Tech Workers Coalition unites with Turkopticon in launching our first ever fundraiser to establish Turkopticon’s own server and build solidarity among Turkers. We have been reaching out to Tech workers to explain that Mturk work is actually powering most technologies of the world. In doing so, we are bringing attention to the same issues that […]

Newsletter 7

As we head into the last few weeks of 2020, we’ll likely start seeing the amount of work on Mechanical Turk decrease temporarily. Universities will break for the semester and many businesses will take time off for the holidays. We hope you will enjoy this down time with your families and take a much needed […]

Newsletter 6

Our  November 2020 newsletter. We will be sending a newsletter out once a month to keep you up to date on what is going on at Turkopticon. You can see our previous newsletters on our blog here.  We are now helping with taking on suspended accounts and trying to get them reinstated if they were suspended […]


Tech Workers Coalition, or TWC, is a non-hierarchical, international collective of programmers, bug testers, and service workers in the technology fields.  In other words, a bunch of nerds worldwide who want to make the world a more equal, better place.  There are chapters from San Diego to Berlin to Bangalore, all taking up their own […]

Press Release

For Immediate Release:March 10, 2021 Contact: Courtney Holsworth,, (989) 572-8162 Amazon Mechanical Turk Workers Launch Effort To Push Back Against Exploitative Labor Practices Through Turkopticon Platform Today, Amazon Mechanical Turk workers are launching a fundraising campaign to support Turkopticon, a nonprofit crowdsourcing platform for turk workers to share information about exploitative practices and fight for […]

My Mturk Story, Part 1,

It was five years ago that I discovered Amazon Mechanical Turk (AMT.)  A chaotic set of events led me to find it and as I’ve become part of the turker community I have learned that everyone has a story. This is mine. When I was 30 years old I decided to go back to school […]

As a moderator on TO,

I spend a lot of time reading reviews from our awesome community. This week, while leaving a review of my own, I started thinking about how I’ve fallen short as a reviewer myself. I am much quicker to leave a negative review for a requester than a positive one. Many of us on TO are […]