What is a “Turker Open Forum” and Why Should I Go?

What is a “Turker Open Forum” and Why Should I Go?

We are rapidly approaching our next Turker Open Forum.  Stay tuned for details by following our Twitter account, @turkopticon, or our Facebook page. I have been present in each forum and can say that I have learned so much and have had wonderful conversations with people from all over the world. The ideas that have been brought to us from attendees are well-thought-out and even though we may be tired at the end of the two hours, we are buzzing with excitement over the conversation.

This month we would like to add some other things to our conversations. Whether you are a newbie or a veteran, come discuss the things that will help you work better and smarter. Let’s discuss forums and other resources for turkers. Turkopticon wants to help you better navigate the AMT world so you can maximize your earnings.

The invite, sign-up form, and link will all be provided closer to the date of the next forum which will be announced soon.

If you are already a proficient turker, you may be wondering why you should come. There is a certain feeling that comes with meeting others who do the same work as you. Simply speaking to others who understand what you do for work is a relief. Have you tried explaining everything AMT to a person who doesn’t know anything about it? That is not a small task. Knowing that people from across the world have some of the same likes and dislikes helps us to know that we are doing the correct thing by trying to improve the system. Please come and share your AMT story, what works for you, and what doesn’t.  We don’t require camera use, we don’t record, we don’t share your names, and this is for turkers only. We have an interpreter for Spanish and we also use the chat function in Zoom. There, we can type and translate if needed. We have gone to great lengths to make sure this is a safe place to come and talk.

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